How do I use WebHost Manager?
WebHost Manager is an extensive web application that provides a complete range of web hosting functionality.
The following areas of functionality are provided:
  Server Setup   The Server Setup area enables you to control the main setup of your server, including
nameservers, changing passwords, and enabling and disabling services and resellers.
  Support   The Support area contains the Interactive Knowledgebase, a database of common problems and
solutions. All of the fixes can be activated from the Knowledgebase area itself.
  Backups   The Backups area deals with configuring and restoring backup files and versions of key files
(such as httpd.conf).
  System Reboot   The System Reboot area enables you to reboot your server in two separate ways.
  Server Status   The Server Status area displays a wide variety of server information, from your server's
Apache status to CPU usage.
  Account Functions   The Account Functions area deals with all of the functions necessary to create
and manage web hosting accounts, from creating and editing accounts to mailing all user and listing all
  Transfers   The Transfers area enables you to transfer web accounts from other server to your own server.
  Themes   The Themes area deals with all aspects of the cPanel and WebHost Manager user interface, from
branding current themes to creating your own.
  Packages   The Packages area enables you to create your own custom web hosting packages.
  DNS Functions   The DNS Functions area manages all aspects of DNS, from parking a domain to adding
a DNS zone.
  FrontPage   The FrontPage area allows you to install and uninstall FrontPage extensions for your Microsoft
  MySQL   The MySQL area enables you to repair a database, change passwords, and show what MySQL
processes are in use.
  IP Functions   The IP Functions area enables you to add and manage IP addresses, including adding and
reserving addresses and displaying IP usage.
  Disk Drives   The Disk Drives area deals with formatting and mounting new hard drives and optimizing
hard drives for superior performance.
  Software   The Software area deals with installing and updating server and system software on your server.
  Security   The Security area deals with security issues, from scanning for security beaches and Trojan
Horses to modifying Apache's memory usage limit.
  Email   The Email area allows you troubleshoot problematic email addresses and manage your mail queue.
  System Health   The System Health area displays a variety of information that indicates the health of
your system, including current disk and CPU usage.
  cPanel4   The cPanel4 area contains a variety of miscellaneous features that help you to manage cPanel
  SSL/TLS   The SSL/TLS area enables you to manage all areas of SSL certificates, from generating new
certificates to installing and changing them.
  Restart Services   The Restart Services area allows you to restart various system services.



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