WebHost Manager uses comprehensive installers that take most of the effort out of installing the complex WebHost
Manager software package. You will need the following to install WebHost Manager:
  RedHat Linux 6.2 (SERVER INSTALL) or newer (RedHat 7.0 is not supported due to compiler bugs) OR
  Mandrake Linux 7.2 (SERVER INSTALL) or newer
  A cPanel license (cPanel/WebHost Manager will not run without a license file). You can obtain a license from
an authorized cpanel.net distributor or a test license by mailing beta@cpanel.net. For a list of distributors,
please see http://www.cpanel.net/
We recommend the following partition scheme:
  /boot 35 Meg
  /usr 2048+ Meg (If you have a 60 gig drive try 4096 for /usr, 5000 if you have an 80 gig drive, etc.)
  /var 1500+ Meg
  /tmp 1024 Meg
  / 1024 Meg
  /home grow to fill disk
  swap 2x memory size
Minimum CPU/RAM/HD:
  256 Meg of ram
  4 Gig of space
To install WebHost Manager
1. Make sure you are logged in as root.
2. # cd /home
3. # wget http://layer1.cpanel.net/lastest
Note: For FreeBSD, you need to download and untar the latest installer package from http://www.cpanel.net/
4. # sh lastest
5. The installer has now started, and will take between 10 and 70 minutes depending on your machine. If you
are asked any questions just press enter, or q if there is no default. After the install completes, you need to
setup WebHost Manager   refer to page 7 for more information.



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