Logging on for the first time
When you log on to WebHost Manager for the first time you need to set up the basic settings on your server.
After you have completed these initial steps you can log into WebHost Manager normally   refer to page 8 for
more information.
Note: You can change your initial server settings at any time   refer to page 10 for more information.
To log on:
1. Enter the address of your WebHost Manager in your web browser. The address needs to be in the form of
http://www.yourdomain.com:2086/ or https://www.yourdomain.com:2087/.
2. Enter your user name and password in the User Name and Password fields.
3. Click on
4. Click on the
button in the first page.
5. Read the legal agreement and click on the
6. Enter the primary IP address, BIND version, and IP address of the master cluster server (optional) in the
Primary IP Address, BIND Version, and Master Cluster Server fields.
7. Enter your administrator's contact details in the Server Contact's AIM (AOL Instant Messenger), Server
Contact's E Mail Address, and Server Contact's Pager Address fields.
Entering ICQ contact details in the available field does not currently work due to changes in the
ICQ protocol.
8. Enter the name of the default cPanel theme that you want to use in the Default CPanel4 Theme field.
The two standard themes that are automatically installed with cPanel are default and iconic. Refer to
page 36 for more information about themes.
9. Enter the default home directory where new users accounts will be created and the prefix that matches
other user partitions in the Default Home Directory and Home Directory Prefix fields.
10. Enter the current hostname of your server in the Hostname field.
11. Enter the name of the type of Apache logs that you want to receive. Two options are available:
  combined   All information is logged, including referers, user agents, and requested files.
  access   Only information about requested files is logged.
12. Enter up to four nameserver names in the Primary Nameserver, Secondary Nameserver, Third
Nameserver, or Fourth Nameserver fields. The Primary Nameserver and Secondary Nameserver
fields are mandatory.
13. Choose whether you want users to have CGI access in the CGI Script Alias field. y = Yes, n = no.
14. Enter the IP address of the master nameserver in the Master Nameserver field, if required.
Warning: This will turn your server into a slave server if this option is enabled. It is advisable to establish
a key rust relationship with the master nameserver after enabling this option   refer to page 44 for more
15. Click on the



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