Add an A entry for your hostname
An A entry is an Address entry, and can be entered at any time for your hostname.s
To add an A entry for your hostname:
1. Click on the Add an A entry for your hostname link in the Dns Functions menu.
2. Click on the
button if the displayed information looks correct.
Add a DNS zone
A DNS zone is a part of your domain name but it may contain different DNS information. For example, if
you added the DNS zone training.business.co.nz to business.co.nz, you could edit the properties of the train 
ing.business.co.nz DNS zone to be whatever you wanted. Refer to page 43 for more information about editing a
DNS zone.
Note: You will need to wait a few hours for the DNS zone to propagate.
To add a DNS zone:
1. Click on the Add a DNS Zone link in the Dns Functions menu.
2. Enter the IP address or domain name of the DNS zone in the Ip or Domain field.
3. Click on the
Edit a DNS zone
WebHost Manager enables you to change a wide variety of DNS information at any time. Refer to the ISC's Bind
web page for more information about DNS zones.
To edit a DNS zone
1. Click on the Edit a DNS Zone link in the Dns Functions menu.
2. Enter the DNS zone that you want to edit in the Zone to Edit field and click on the
3. Alter the DNS fields as you require, and click on the
button when you have finished.



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