The Security area deals with security issues, from scanning for security beaches and Trojan Horses to modifying
Apache's memory usage limit.
Quick security scan
WebHost Manager can perform a quick security scan of your server that attempts, in test mode, to shut down
various essential services. If any of these tests succeed, there has been a security breach of your server.
To run a quick security scan:
1. Click on the Quick Security Scan link in the Security menu.
2. A list of results is now displayed.
Modify Apache memory usage limit
WebHost Manager includes a function that automatically calculates the memory limit needed by Apache and
resets the memory used by Apache to that amount. This frees up your memory for other operations, and is useful
on full servers.
To modify the Apache memory usage amount:
1. Click on the Modify Apache Memory Usage Limit link in the Security menu.
2. A result list is now displayed.
Scan for Trojan Horses
WebHost Manager includes a function that enables you to scan your server for Trojan Horses. A Trojan Horse is
a malicious, security breaking program that is disguised as something benign, such as a directory lister, archiver,
or game. Like all viruses Trojan Horses can hide inside files for long periods of time.
Note: All files found during this search are only suspected Trojan Horses. This scan only denotes the possibility
of a virus in the file.
To scan for Trojan Horses:
1. Click on the Scan for Trojan Horses link in the Security menu.
2. A results list is now displayed.



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