2.18. EMAIL
The Email area allows you troubleshoot problematic email addresses and manage your mail queue.
Mail Troubleshooter
The Mail Troubleshooter function enables you to send a test email to a problematic address to determine what
is wrong. This process will track down the vast majority of email problems that can occur on your server.
To use the Mail Troubleshooter:
1. Click on the Mail Troubleshooter link in the Email menu.
2. Enter the problematic email address in the field provided. Click on the Address is on this server tick
box if required.
3. Click on the
Manage mail queue
The Exim Mail Queue area enables you to view all waiting messages in the mail queue, as well as attempt to
deliver or delete all the messages in the queue.
To manage the mail queue:
1. Click on the Manage Mail Queue link in the Email menu.
2. View the email as required.
3. Click on the Delete all messages in Queue link if you need to delete the email that are currently in the
Click on the Attempt to Deliver all messages in Queue link if you need to send the email now. This
is a good method of testing if something is functioning incorrectly with exim.
View email statistics
The View Mail Stats function displays a wide variety of information about email on your server, including total
volumes, how many messages were sent and delivered per hour, the top 50 accounts in terms of mail sent and
received, and a list of error messages.
To view email statistics:
1. Click on the View Mail Stats link in the Email menu.
2. View the displayed statistics.



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