Q: What types of traffic does the Bandwidth monitor show?
A: The bandwidth monitor watches http, ftp, and pop traffic.
Q: I've added accounts in WebHost Manager that aren't showing up. What's wrong?
A: Your domain database has not been updated, you need to run:
Q: What does Initial Nameserver Setup do?
A: This starts the name and adds it to the list of daemons to be checked.
Q: What should I do about partitioning my drive? What sizes do I need?
A: Refer to page 6 for more information.
Q: How do I upgrade using buildapache.sea?
A: Do the following:
1. SSH into your server.
2. SU and log in as root.
3. #wget
4. #chmod 755 buildapache.sea
5. #./buildapache.sea
6. Wait for the installer to complete.
7. Cleanup after the install with:
#rm  Rf buildapache/
#rm buildapache.sea
Q: How can I use Cpanel in a non graphical environment?
A: Do the following:
1. #/sbin/chkconfig  add xfs
2. #/sbin/service xfs start
Q: Neomail keeps returning no in @INC. What do I do?
A: #/scripts/cleanmd5
Q: How can I fix problems with mail that result from incorrect permissions?
A: #/scripts/mailperm
Q: I'm trying to add FrontPage extensions, or a new account, and I get sd(8,10) write failure, user limit block
reached. What do I do?
A: #/scripts/fixquotas
Q: What can fix many common problems?
A: #/scripts/fixcommonproblems
Q: I keep getting a 500 error when trying to use Mailman. What is wrong?
A: Your hostname is not being sent with your e mail. Do the following:
1. #/scripts/fixoldlistswithsuexec
2. If that doesn't work, try:
#pico /usr/local/apache/conf/httpd.conf   move the last vhost to the first vhost in the file.
Q: What do I do when Mailman wants UID 99 but is getting  1?
A: #/scripts/upcp
Q: My subdomain logs are not being processed. What do I do?
A: Do the following:



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