1. edit perl / cgi script   at top of file #!/usr/bin/perl
2. Use CGI::Carp qw(fatalsToBrowser);   errors should be redirected to browser rather then getting a 500
3. Also, check if the script runs on the command line   perl  w ./scriptname.cgi   and see if it gives you errors.
Q: What do I do if subdomain logs are not getting processed?
A: Do the following:
1. rm  f username/tmp/lastrun
2. killall  9 cpanellogd
3. /usr/local/cpanel/cpanellogd
Q: How do I stop a crontab?
Add    /dev/null 2 &1   after the entry in the crontab.
Q: What do I do when MySQL gives error of access denied for root@localhost?
A: Make sure root pass is in /root/.my.cnf , this is usually the first root password the box was given when cPanel
was installed.
Q: How do I set the /etc/my.cnf file for sites with vbb forums that don't close connections, thus spawning 500
mysqld's and hogging all the RAM?
A: Do the following to mysqld:
  set variable = max connections=1500
  set variable = max user connections=200
  set variable = wait timeout=200
  set variable = interactive timeout=800
Q: What do I do if SpamAssassin is taking up a lot of memory and CPU?
A: The chances are the dbm database has gotten corrupted. Try this:
1. Find out what user it's running as with 'top'.
2. cd /home/user/
3. rm  rf .spamassasin
4. Then mail them a couple of times to see if it fixes the problem.
Q: What do I do if buildapache.sea bombs out with a lot of nasty looking errors?
A: Do the following:
1. Find out the version (cat /etc/redhat release).
2. Find a server running the same version that works.
3. tar xzvf bits.tgz /usr/include/bits
4. Copy that to the broken server.
5. Backup /usr/include/bits somewhere.
6. tar xzvf bits.tgz from /



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