Working in the international market does not necessarily involve a change in your
entire business plan. It does not mean that you have to open an office in Asia,
absorb the cost of international travel or lose your primary line of business.
Getting involved means that you will need to devote a portion of your time each
week to look for opportunities around you.
Geographic location will always play an important role in a producer's access to the internation 
al market. However, it is not the only factor in success. Geographic location simply means some
markets may not be available to you. The key to success is defining what markets are available to
you and how to focus on them.
This section outlines four areas describing opportunities in the international market. Give your
Account Manager a call after you review this section. He/she will be able to help you further
define which markets to pursue.
Your current book of business   Many of your clients may be traveling overseas for business or
pleasure, or have friends or relatives visiting from overseas.
Referrals from domestic health insurance producers   Many domestic health insurance com 
panies will not cover US citizens traveling or living overseas or non US citizens who need med 
ical insurance coverage.
Chambers of Commerce   In many metropolitan areas, foreign countries have set up their own
chambers of commerce. For example, the Brazilian Chamber of Commerce maintains an office in
Miami, Florida. These organizations may even need coverage for some of their own employees.
Travel Agencies   An increasing amount of travelers are demanding more protection than offered
by standard trip cancellation policies.
Foreign based brokers and producers   This will depend a great deal on your location. Many
brokers and producers have been successful sub contracting producers in foreign countries to mar 
ket IMG products. If you know a fellow producer with ties to a foreign country or are in an area
with producers operating overseas, this may be a great chance to combine your marketing efforts.
Joint ventures   Joint ventures occur through introductions. Example: You know an insurance
executive at ABC Insurance, Inc. located in Spain. You introduce the executive to IMG. IMG 
partners with the insurance company to market our products in Spain. Joint ventures are long term
projects. A good personal and/or business relationship is the key to a successful joint venture.


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