Missionaries   Thousands of missionaries travel and live abroad. These missionaries are US citi 
zens going to foreign locations for a variety of reasons. Many of the mission sending organiza 
tions are headquartered in middle American states. The groups range in size and need a variety of
medical insurance and evacuation services for their missionaries.
Students/Universities   The number of students studying abroad or coming to the US to study
increases each year. Many of these students will require short term and major medical plans while
attending their respective schools.
Embassy/Consulates    Once again, this will depend heavily on your geographic location.
Embassies and Consulates are typically located in major coastal cities. Most of them require group
medical plans for their non US employees and dignitaries traveling around the world. IMG pro 
vides group plans for their specific needs.
Expatriate Groups   Expatriates are individuals who have permanently left their country of citi 
zenship. Hundreds of thousands of US expatriates now live all over the world. Many of them
belong to  Expatriate Associations  and they all require private medical insurance plans.
US Corporations   Many US corporations have foreign operations. Unless a corporation is very
large, the Americans located overseas may be without adequate medical insurance coverage.
Often, inferior benefits are provided to foreign based employees compared to those available to
their US counterparts. Additionally, the employer might want to provide coverage for resident
non US citizens or third country nationals working in the foreign based office.  
This market is growing rapidly. Employers are starting to  carve out  overseas exposure by pro 
viding separate plans for overseas employees. If you currently work with any businesses that
have overseas operations, check the medical coverage for foreign based employees. This is an
excellent opportunity to show your client you have all exposures covered.


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