Patriot Extreme __________________________________________
Designed for the international traveler who also engages in extreme
sports, there are two Patriot Extreme products available to meet your
clients' needs: 
Patriot Extreme America _______________________________
Patriot Extreme America provides coverage for non US citizens 
traveling outside their country of citizenship for a minimum of 30 
days up to a maximum of three months. 
Patriot Extreme International ___________________________
This plan provides coverage for US citizens traveling abroad for a 
minimum of 30 days up to a maximum of three months.    
Example of a client who needs Patriot Extreme coverage:
   A college student is spending the summer in Europe where he will 
be spending his time mountain biking.
Visitors Care _____________________________________________
The Visitors Care plan provides scheduled coverage for individuals trav 
eling and/or temporarily residing outside their country of citizenship for
a minimum of one month.
Example of a client who needs Visitors Care:
  A budget minded non US citizen is visiting relatives in the US and 
wants coverage at a low cost. 
Exchange Program Group __________________________________
This plan is designed for exchange groups that will have an annual poli 
cy renewing each year. The members themselves do not need to be on
the plan for a year, but the policy will run from year to year. This is a
renewable plan.
Example of a client who needs Exchange Program Group:
  A British university is sending 15 students to a US university for a 
four year engineering program.
Exchange Program Group Travel _____________________________
This program is for a short term student travel group, ideal for small
groups of high school exchange students.
Examples of clients who needs Exchange Program Group Travel:
  A local high school French club is traveling to Paris for a two week 
  A group of Chinese university students is coming to the US for a 
summer internship.


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