Global Medical Insurance
Global Medical Insurance is designed for individuals and families who
are moving or traveling for extended periods of time, traveling 
frequently between countries, maintaining multiple countries of 
residence, or exploring private health care alternatives. The plan 
provides worldwide coverage and a wide range of benefits for US. 
Examples of clients who need Global Medical Insurance:
   A local oil company is placing two of its employees on assignment in 
Saudi Arabia for the next three years and needs coverage for them.
   A Russian citizen needs lifetime medical coverage that will not only 
cover her in Russia, but also worldwide including the United States.
   An Asian student is coming to the United States to attend four years of
college and will return to his home country on break.
Global Basic Insurance ____________________________________
Global Basic Insurance offers long term worldwide coverage similar to
Global Medical Insurance for individuals and families seeking to reduce
their premium costs.
Examples of clients who need Global Basic Insurance:
  A retired US expatriate is living overseas on a tight budget.
  An independent contractor is working in Honduras on a five year 
agricultural project.
GlobalSelect _____________________________________________
GlobalSelect offers four sub plans to choose from and a range of volun 
tary medical excess options. In addition, the wide choice of health insur 
ance covers are designed to suit your clients' individual needs and budg 
ets, and gives them the freedom to choose where they are treated within
their selected geographic area of cover.
Example of a client who needs GlobalSelect:
  A British citizen is working and living in Germany and wants to 
maintain one plan that covers him throughout Europe.


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