The underwriting process for Global products is initiated once IMG receives a satisfactorily com 
pleted Global application. Two sections of medical questions are asked on the application and
determine an insured's approval for coverage:
A. Medical eligibility is based on the answers to the following four questions:
1.  Are you or any other applicant currently disabled, pregnant, or unable to perform 
normal activities?
2. Are you or any other applicant presently hospitalized, or scheduled for or in need of 
hospitalization or surgery?
3. Have you or any other applicant ever tested positive for, been diagnosed with, or been 
treated for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), AIDS Related Complex 
(ARC), Lymphadenopathy Syndrome, Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) or any 
other Immune System Disorder?
4. Have you or any other applicant ever had, been recommended to have, or are you 
currently on a waiting list for any organ transplant (other than corneal)?
If any of these questions are answered  Yes , the Applicant is not eligible for Global
Medical Insurance.
B. Additional medical questions are asked as an aid in defining pre existing conditions and 
disability.  The answers to these questions may affect acceptance into the plan.
Note: It is essential that applicants understand the importance of accurate answers to these med 
ical questions. Non disclosure of medical conditions will result in denial of claims and possible
rescission of the Certificate. Most commonly requested information:
1. Full details including treatment dates, diagnosis, prognosis, name, address and phone 
number of attending physician, and present course of treatment should always be included
if an applicant answers  Yes  to certain questions on the Global Medical Application.
2. Attending Physician's Statement
C. A physical exam may be requested at the underwriter's discretion.
Coverage commences on the date of approval by IMG, the requested effective date (and approval
by the Company), or the date the applicant departs the US, whichever is later. In addition, a signed
Affidavit of Eligibility is required for all non US citizens who are in the US at the time of appli 
cation, and who do not plan to depart the US within 30 days.
Note: The approval of an application and subsequent issuance of an effective date of coverage is
generally within 5 7 business days upon receipt of a satisfactorily completed Global Medical
Insurance Application with premium.


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