1. Application is received from the producer with the appropriate premium. The application is
date stamped when received by IMG.
Note: Applications must be processed, approved, and have an effective date within 30 days 
of the date of signature.
2. Application is sent to Certificate Administration. This is done even if the application is 
specifically addressed to eliminate confusion.
3. Information from the application is entered in the system and a file is created. This 
allows the application to be tracked throughout the office.
4. A tracking sheet is attached to the file folder to complete the initial processing. The 
tracking form has blank spaces so each department can enter the processing dates.  
Certificate Administration forwards the file to Underwriting.
5. Underwriting reviews the application for completeness and any medical conditions.  
The following procedures apply to each situation:
A. Complete application and no medical conditions: The application is approved and 
returned to Certificate Administration.  
B. Incomplete application: The information needed is noted and a request for full 
information is faxed to the producer.
C. Medical conditions on the application: Procedures are outlined in regards to the 
severity of the condition. If the condition is within the underwriting guidelines, the 
application is approved. If the condition is more advanced, IMG's Medical Director will 
review the file with Underwriting and determine if the application can be approved.
D. For all conditions: The application will be held if additional information is needed. 
Underwriting will fax the producer and may have the Marketing Account Manager call 
the producer to get the needed information.
6. Once all information has been received, the application is either accepted or declined 
by Underwriting. There are no rate ups or riders on any applications.
A. Approved applications: The file is returned to Certificate Administration and (Sold) is 
entered in the system.  This means coverage is in force from the effective date approved 
by Underwriting.  The check submitted for premium payment is deposited or the credit 
card is debited for the appropriate payment mode.  The Sold file is also filed in 
numerical order for future reference.
B. Declined applications: The producer is faxed notice of the declined application prior to 
the applicant receiving any correspondence from IMG. The file is sent to Certificate 
Administration where (Declined Underwriting) is entered into the system. The decline 
letter is sent to the applicant with the full refund of premium. Copies of all correspondence
are then forwarded to the producer.


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