7. A fulfillment kit is completed for each insured. These kits include: A Declaration of 
Insurance, an identification card, an introductory letter explaining guidelines and pre existing
conditions coverage, a claim form, and policy wording. This kit is mailed to the selling 
producer unless it is specifically requested to be sent to the insured. For those applications 
that are completed and accepted online, the kits will be sent directly to the insured.
8. Commissions are paid on the 10
of the month for the previous month's earned premium.
9. Quarterly and Semi Annual payments: Notification is automatically given to Certificate 
Administration when premium is due for quarterly and semi annual payments. These are 
paid only by credit card and the numbers are kept on file. If the credit card does not 
process when payment is due, the producer is notified and asked to get a new credit card 
authorization from the insured. If this is not available, the application will lapse for 
non payment and a notice of termination will be mailed to the insured and the producer.
10. Renewals: A renewal form will be sent 60 days before the expiration of the Global certificate.
Renewal information is sent to both the producer and the insured. Renewals are not 
automatic but they are not medically underwritten. When a renewal form is received, it 
is sent to Certificate Administration. Certificate Administration pulls the insured file and 
combines this with the renewal form. The file is sent to Underwriting to review eligibility 
for the Global program. If eligibility is maintained and the correct premium is received, the 
renewal is approved by Underwriting. The file is returned to Certificate Administration 
where the updated information is entered in the system as SR (Sold, Renewed). A new 
fulfillment kit is then mailed to the producer unless specifically requested otherwise.
Online Renewal: If a client's renewal date is within 60 days he/she may view renewal docu 
ments and complete and submit the renewal form electronically by going to www.imglobal.com, 
clicking on the  Current Clients  section, then clicking on  Renewal Information. 
11. Cancellation: In order to cancel Global Medical Insurance, the actual certificate holder 
must request termination in writing to IMG.  The request will be attached to the file and 
directed to Underwriting. Underwriting will review the request and process the appropriate 
correspondence. The file will be sent to Certificate Administration where it will be coded as 
SPT (Sold, Part Terminated). A refund will be issued based upon a specified short rate table.
A refund check will be issued within 4 6 weeks.
12. Reinstatement: At times, circumstances will dictate that an IMG policy will lapse for 
various reasons. For example, renewal forms which IMG receives more than ten days past 
the renewal date will lapse. In these situations, a policy may be eligible for reinstatement.  
In order to reinstate a policy, we need the following:
1. A written request for reinstatement;
2. A completed Application;
3. A written statement giving full details, as requested by the company, of any claims 
incurred by the Insured Person since the termination date; and
4. Payment of all premiums due.
Reinstatement is the only option for an individual applying within 12 months of the 
previous policy. Upon receipt of the above information, the file is reviewed by Underwriting
and subject to the same Underwriting requirements as New Business.


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