Group _____________________________________________
GEO Group is a group medical benefits program designed to meet the
global healthcare needs of 3 or more internationally assigned employees,
and provide multinational employers with flexible options of both bene 
fits and services. GEO Group provides comprehensive medical, dental,
daily indemnity, and term life insurance.
Examples of clients who need GEO Group:
   A Chinese company or organization needs to insure 100 employees that 
reside in China, South Korea and Thailand.
   A US company or organization with a branch office in Argentina needs to 
insure their US and Argentine employees that reside in Argentina.
   A US company or organization with 10 branch offices in Europe, Asia and
South America needs to insure all overseas employees under one group plan.
   A foreign embassy with 6 locations in the US needs to insure all 
diplomats that are residing in the US.
Complete the  Request for Proposal  form and return to your Group Marketing Director or
Account Executive. Please allow up to a week to receive your proposal.
A proposal is tentative and subject to receipt and approval of Enrollment Forms, 
including Evidence of Insurability if required, and any other information requested by 
the Underwriter. Final rates will be determined based on actual enrollment.
A minimum of 3 insured employees is required
A.  Application for Group Insurance  to be completed by employer
B. 3 Tier Employee Medical Underwriting: Appropriate  Enrollment Form to be 
completed by all Eligible Employees applying for coverage
  3   10 Insured Employees   Full Underwriting
  11   49 Insured Employees   Simplified Underwriting
  50+ Insured Employees   Employer Questionnaire Only
  Group Claims Disclosure Form completed by Employer
  Employee completes Enrollment Form (no medical questions)
C. First month's premium from an accepted form of payment
  Check drawn from a US bank
  ACH Direct Check withdrawal from a US bank
  Electronic Wire Transfer
  Credit Card: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JBS
D. Underwriting's final approval is required before the group will be in force


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