your current production and your production history for the previous 2 years
a listing of sub producers and contract numbers, along with current production figures 
for MGAs and GAs
Online Agency to help you recruit online
co branded SelectaPlan
interactive message forum to discuss questions with IMG staff and other producers
live chatting feature to contact IMG's marketing department
calendar of events at IMG
online supply order form
personalized PDF brochures and applications
IMG Affiliate Area 
New users
Log in as a guest by entering the  Producer Area , then select  New User Registration 
Complete the Registration Form   you may select any user ID and password you like, 
but the IMG producer number is required
Submit the New User Registration Form
You will receive guest access to the Producer Area at which time IMG will process the 
form and alert you by email when your full access has been granted
Currently approved users
Log in with your username and password for the following options:
Calendar of events
Q&A Forum   to discuss questions with IMG staff and other producers
List My Producer Codes/Names   Allows you to view your producers' codes, names, 
addresses, phone numbers and IMG account executives
List My Current Production   Allows you to view your current production; this area 
provides the date the application was received, producer code, plan type, certificate 
number, insured's name, effective date and policy status
View my current business from my sub producers   allows you to view all production 
for sub producers as well as your own production; the type of information listed is the 
same as when viewing your own production
Update your user ID and password
Activate and use IMG's affiliate program
Personalized PDF brochures and applications
Online supply order form
Transact applications online with a co branded SelectaPlan
Online Agency to help you recruit online
Affiliate Program
You can enhance your website by adding IMG product information in the form of a banner or text link to
your co branded SelectaPlan, or adding a descriptive product page to your website. This will allow your
clients to apply for coverage quickly online and will provide you with an email when a client applies.


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