How does it work? Once you have placed an affiliate link on your website, your clients will be able
to purchase online through your website using our co branded SelectaPlan system. The client will see
your name and logo in the top left corner of the page so it will appear that they are still at your site.  
How do I track my online sales? You will receive an email notification of this online application
for your own records. These can also be tracked in the Affiliate Area where you will find an option
to view Affiliate Reports.  In this area, you will be able to view all activity from your affiliate links
including your total clicks and total sales.  
What is the IMG Online Agency?
Allow agents without their own websites to transact quoting and purchasing through 
your General Agency Website 
   Recruit, Service and Contract Agents throughout the US and around the World via 
the internet 
The SelectaPlan is the fast and easy way to find the most appropriate international major medical
or travel plan online. Clients can simply enter their age, gender, country of citizenship and length
of coverage and the IMG SelectaPlan will calculate a range of plans and premiums from which to
choose. In most cases, the client will be able to purchase his/her coverage quickly online via
IMG's secure server.
Commissions: You will receive standard commissions on business processed through 
the SelectaPlan
Tracking: Each producer has a unique URL to use when linking to IMG's secure 
transaction page. This unique URL identifies traffic from your website so you receive 
the proper credit when a transaction is made.
Confirmation of sale: You will receive an email every time a transaction originates from
your link. This email will summarize the details of each transaction as the purchases are made.
Affiliate report: View hits from your SelectaPlan, the number of online transactions, 
total premiums, the time of your last visitor, and the time of the last completed online 
View transactions: View all of your online transactions; download spreadsheets in 
Excel format
Affiliate linking: Link to IMG's SelectaPlan by choosing a banner or text link or by 
using a descriptive product page from the IMG Affiliate Area
Update Information: Update the information that appears on your co branded 
SelectaPlan and your personalized PDF brochures and applications
SelectaPlan options: Build a co branded store front to match the look and feel of your website
Online Agency
The Online Agency allows Producer Area members to recruit sub producers easily online.
This website is provided by IMG to assist clients with a wide variety of travel information and
links. You can link your site to Trip Resource to further assist your clients.


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