Section 2
Build your own website or cut the cost to build your site with website
Is your site easy to use and navigate? Does it satisfy its intended 
Easy to use
purpose? Check out these usability sites: 
a Site
Even if you have paid someone to construct your site, you can use
these sites to double check the work:
To test viewing compatibility with various browsers, try
Let your audience quickly find what they need. Do this by providing
valuable content, (IMG provides a complete html page of content for
our products) good navigation and easily accessible contact/feedback
mechanisms. See step 4 (auto responders).
You can add value to your site by using some of the "free" tools on
the Internet. For example, if you want people to visit you, use
Mapquest or Yahoo maps to give them directions to your office.
Another place to find some free website tools and ideas is:
To put your site in the language of your user, try:
Babel Fish Translation (
You need a place to host your website.
Free sites   with most free sites you have to advertise for the website
that granted you the free site. This isn't a beneficial arrangement if
you plan on establishing a true presence on the web.
Inexpensive Hosting  
Try not to pay more than $19.95 a month for hosting space. If they
offer webmaster services than the price will be higher. 


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