Section 3
Reciprocal links add value to your website, let your website visitors
return to your site, and you ll get targeted traffic from clicks of your
links on other web sites.
As a positive side effect, you ll also benefit from increased search
engine traffic if you have good incoming links. Almost all major
search engines rank your web pages based on the number and the
quality of links that point to your web site (link popularity). Google
uses link popularity as an important factor in ranking sites. HotBot,
AltaVista, MSN, Inktomi and others also use link popularity in their
Establish a
Give these a try:
Web Linking
Axandra link popularity
Joining or starting a or a Blog might work for your site.
Getting links to sites in the top 100 is a great goal! 
These sites are still used but not recommended... to submit free for all
pages:,,,,, Locations to download soft 
ware for your own free for all page:, Services that will host free for all pages for you:,,  Link me
You will want immediate traffic to your website and you will want to
maintain traffic prior to submitting to the search engines. The best
sites for paid for banner advertising are those with traffic. Try any of
the search engine companies that offer targeted advertising. 
Free banner exchange programs: 
Free Banner
and Paid for
Advertising and can create your banner.
Paid for services include:
Place fee based classified ads: Fee Sites, or for free: FREE Sites. 
Free Classified Here s a list of low cost
Ads and Paid for 
Host classified ads at your site 


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