Section 4
If you can find the time, either manually or via on line services, moni 
tor and participate in user groups, mailing lists and discussion groups. 
Here are some services that can do this for you:,, Lead an on line forum or run an on line
Establish and
community. It is a great way to establish an affinity group and build
Lead an On line credibility. Create a bulletin board in 10 minutes with Try
16.,,, for a host
Forum /
of on line community services. Sign up for this e zine to read about
on line communities: & 
Use these services to find: user groups ( and
mailing lists ( or, and discussion groups of
interest ( Also available for general searches of all
areas is
Package content that is valuable and distribute it on a periodic basis.
You can build trust and spread the word. This is also a good way to
gather email addresses for your marketing purposes. Announce every 
where possible. 
Don t miss announcing at new lists, and using these sets of resources:
Establish a 
Australian Electronic Journals, eZine AdSource, EzineZ, eZineZ help 
"free" Online
ful list, E Zine List, eZine Search, InfoJump, ListCity, ListsNet
Directory, Low Bandwidth, The Etext Archive, The E Zine Web Ring,
PromoteFree, Poor Richard s eZine Registration Help, Zine World. 
When you have over 10,000 subscribers, think about joining the Penn
Media Network.
Opt in e zine vendors:,,,,, MessageMedia, 
Write and publish articles of value. Include your URL in your bio.
Contact news people who write about your area of expertise. Here s
Publish Articles two lists of contacts: PR Newswire Links, 
and/or get 
mentioned in
Write and distribute press releases pointing back to your site. Check
News Stories
out Internet,,, or,,,


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