Section 5
If you can find the time, contests and giveaways are great ways to
generate traffic. Just look at Here s a site to help you run
your contest: Check out these sites to help you
advertise:,, Here
are coupon companies that could help:,,,,,
Run Contests,
Do you have some old office equipment? If you can find the time,
19. Giveaways, and partner with a software company to run an auction at your site:
Conduct Surveys,,,, Check out
Tucows for Auction Tools or auction portal sites,, Targeted traffic and
activity to your website are very important for your sites search
engine placement.
Check out Yahoo s or the University of North Carolina s list or try,,
The web works best when websites link together. The best sites to link
our in the top of the search engines. Link to a charitable website and
you will be doing both your site and yourself a good deed. Some sites
Participate in  receive a bonus; an example, go to the Hunger Site at the UN, click a
a Charitable 
button and somewhere in the world a hungry person gets a meal to eat
at no cost to you (paid by the sponsors).  
Also try:, Linking to a large community
sites is good for your website linking strategy.  
Do you have an award winning website? Prove it! If you have a site
Apply for
worth talking about, apply for, win, and post your awards ask about
more information about IMG rewards program or check out these site
and Win Awards for more information, and 


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