$500 Online Budget
This budget is great for producers that are getting started, but don't have the funds for a large 
scale marketing campaign. Did you know that you can start selling online by emailing our link
to your clients? This and more information is included in this budget: 
  Get a co branded link to IMG's SelectaPlan, where you can sell online and 
track your sales through IMG's Producer Area. This link can be emailed to 
your clients if you do not have a website. 
  Take advantage of IMG's Personalized PDF area, where you can find 
personalized versions of our brochures, applications and marketing flyers. 
These can be emailed to your potential clients, or linked from your website. 
  Register a domain name. Often we are asked which kind of domain name is
the best; .com, .net, .org, etc  These are all acceptable kinds, and will not 
damage your ability to market your website, however you should try to buy 
the .com and .net versions if they are available. These are the most well 
known, and remembered. You can buy a domain name without having a 
website; in fact, this will allow you to use a more professional email address.
  For example, your new email address could be yourname@yourwebsite.com, 
which conveys a more professional message than supercat54@hotmail.com. The
domain and email should cost no more than $10 annually.  Be sure to make a 
bookmark / shortcut to access your new email.
  Set up a signature to be used automatically when writing and responding to 
a message, as well as an auto response that will be sent automatically in 
reply to all incoming mails. This should say something describing how you 
will get back with them and how to reach you in an emergency.
  Use email groups. There are numerous email communities such as expatriates
and groups discussing topics like international travel, international business 
opportunities, and so on. These groups are typically free to join, and you could
meet potential clients through these communities. This should be budgeted 
at approximately $200 for paid memberships and advertising opportunities. 
  Use classified ads. The classified ads are where the bulk of your budget will
be spent by placing ads that are targeted toward the international traveler as 
well as ads targeted at recruiting sub producers. This should be budgeted at 
approximately $300. 


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