With employees of multinational companies and US citizens returning to the US for treatment
from all over the world, as well as non US citizens residing in the US, it is vital they are able to
access a network quickly and conveniently. The First Health Network provides a long standing
reputation and a diverse area network suitable to the international traveler.  
The First Health Network is an independent Preferred Provider Organization with representative
doctors, hospitals and treatment centers throughout the United States.  The network is the largest and
most comprehensive independent nationwide PPO with approximately 475,000 physicians and
4,500 privately owned and operated hospitals. The First Health Network includes approximately
67% of all hospitals in the US, including some of the most well recognized university medical cen 
ters and transplant facilities. 
PPO directory listings by state may be obtained by contacting the marketing department or access 
ing the IMG website,  This convenient and easy to use directory allows you
to search by physician specialty, location or name.


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