As is standard with most short term medical insurance products, Patriot America, Patriot
International and Patriot Executive are non renewable. They can be rewritten, but begin a new
deductible and pre existing condition clause for each period of insurance. The ExPatriot Plus
caters to the international traveler who may be unsure of their length of stay abroad. After a min 
imum initial term of at least three months, ExPatriot Plus is optionally renewable for up to 24
months of total coverage.
Expiration notices and new applications are sent to the insured for the Patriot International, Patriot
America and Patriot Executive plans and renewal notices are sent to the insured for the ExPatriot
Plus plan. These documents are sent to the insured at the address on the application, unless spec 
ified otherwise, 30 days prior to the termination date. For reissue of the Patriot International,
Patriot America or Patriot Executive plans, or renewal of the ExPatriot Plus plan, the insured sim 
ply returns the appropriate premium and completed application to IMG prior to termination.
Global Medical Insurance is annually renewable. Renewal notices are sent to the insured and
broker 60 days prior to the termination date. The broker receives the renewal one week before the
insured. The insured receives a package containing a cover letter explaining the renewal proce 
dure, a form to renew the optional Term Life and Daily Indemnity plans and the Global Medical
Insurance renewal form with premium information. Renewal premiums are based on the attained
age of the insured and are consistent for everyone in the same class.
A 10 day grace period is given on all renewable products; premium and renewal forms received
up to 10 days after the termination date will be processed as renewals.
Online Renewal: If a client's renewal date is within 60 days he/she may view renewal documents
and complete and submit the renewal form electronically by going to, click 
ing on the  Current Clients  section, then clicking on  Renewal Information.   
GEO Group is annually renewable. Renewal notices are sent to the broker and group at least 30
days prior to the termination date. The group receives a package containing the renewal proposal
and a listing of all individuals currently on the plan.  
At IMG we attempt to maintain premium levels as much as possible. Renewal changes reflect the
availability of additional benefits, policy enhancements, increases in medical costs and possibly
age band changes. IMG does not change renewal premiums on an individual basis or as a result
of individual claim activity. Renewal premiums are the same for everyone in the same class.
Make sure clients have a complete understanding of the renewal process and the full benefits of
IMG products. You not only increase your current revenue, but also ensure your opportunity for
future business.


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