Precertification is done by Akeso Care Management
, Inc. (ACM
), a wholly owned subsidiary
of IMG. Visit ACM's website for more information about services that ACM
When should I call IMG?
Precertification requirements vary by plan, but generally include:
Physician recommended surgery or treatment requiring hospitalization (including delivery)
Any outpatient surgery or procedure
Within 48 hours after an emergency admission to the hospital
Care in an extended care facility
Home nursing care/home infusion therapy
Durable medical equipment and artificial limbs
Evacuation requests
Who can call IMG to precertify?
The insured, doctor, a hospital administrator or a relative may call IMG to precertify, however, it
is the insured's responsibility to assure treatment is precertified.
What information will be needed when calling to precertify?
IMG will ask for the following:
Patient's name
Patient's ID number
Patient's insurance certificate number
Patient's date of birth
Attending Physician's name and phone and fax numbers
Hospital name and phone and fax numbers
Nature of the medical condition and proposed treatment
Clinical information
What happens after IMG has been contacted for precertification?
After receiving the insured's hospitalization or surgical request and all requested information,
IMG reviews the information and recommends certification of hospital stay based on medical
necessity. IMG does not determine medical treatment for the insured. The insured and his/her
physician make decisions regarding medical treatment.
Note: To expedite and simplify the precertification process for non urgent care, please visit
to begin the precertification process. Simply click the  Current Clients  title, then click the  Initiate
Precertification  option.  You will be asked to complete several information fields which can then be sub 
mitted electronically to IMG. The Medical Department at IMG will notify you upon receipt of this email.
Once we have received this request, our medical team will review the information you have provided and
respond to you within 2 business days. Please note that this online service will only initiate the precertifi 
cation process, and it should not be used to precertify emergency admissions, procedures or evacuations.  


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