Q: Are charges covered for a routine physical?
A: Yes, with the following conditions: 1) You purchased a Global Medical Insurance certificate 
after 1/1/96 and have been covered for 24 months continuously and; 2) You are a female age
35 and over or a male age 35 and over and; 3) Your examinations are separated by 12 
months. (See certificate wording for more detail.)
Q: I received bills from the hospital, should I pay?
A: Submit your original bills to IMG with a completed Claim Form. Assuming you have met 
your deductible and the medical expenses are eligible, IMG will pay directly to the hospital.
Q: Some hospitals insist I pay the bill at the time of service. How do I get reimbursed?
A: Attach your original paid receipts and itemized bill with a completed Claim Form.  IMG 
will reimburse you assuming the deductible and coinsurance have been met and the medical 
expenses are eligible.
Q: What if I receive a bill for less than my deductible and I have not met my deductible yet?
A: Pay the bill. Then forward the original bill to IMG with a Claims Form. Do not hold the 
bill(s) until your deductible is met. When the amount of your bills meet or exceed your 
deductible, IMG will credit the eligible charges toward your deductible.
Q: How long do I have to submit a claim to IMG?
A: It depends on which plan you have purchased:
   90 days from the date of service if you have Global Medical Insurance.
   3 months from the expiration date if you have Patriot Travel Medical Insurance.
Q: Is dental or vision covered?
A: Vision is not covered. Dental will be covered for sound and natural teeth injured as the 
result of an accident.
Q: Do I have to follow a list of doctors or may I go to any doctor I wish to see?
A: IMG does not use a mandatory list of doctors. You may choose any doctor you wish.  
However, we are happy to refer you to a healthcare provider should you need one. 
Q: How often do I need to complete a Claim Form?
A: Submit one Claim Form for each medical condition or accident you are claiming.
Q: What is a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)?
A: A Preferred Provider Organization is a group of doctors, facilities and hospitals that have 
agreed to take a percentage discount for services rendered.
Q: How does the PPO work?
A: The insured selects a provider or facility within the independent Preferred Provider 
Network. That provider or facility within the network then renders services at a 
discounted rate.


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