EstatePlanning.Com Can Help
EstatePlanning.Com Can Help
Promoting/Marketing Your Web Site
Promoting/Marketing Your Web Site
EstatePlanning.Com  gets  a  tremendous  amount  of  traffic  due  to  its  name  alone.  If  someone  just  types  in in their browser, they pull our site up.
  Right in the first page of the CONSUMER (free info for the public) side of our site, are several ways to
SEARCH for you  We built this  precisely  because  of the  state  of  other search  engines  out  there.  It  was
impossible to find a professional in a certain area.
   EstatePlanning.Com  already  has  high  placement  in  several  high traffic  engines  and  directories,  a
tremendous  feat  now  that  you understand how engines  work.    For  example,  we are  #1 in  Lycos    Search
Engine and #4 in Microsoft's Search Engine searching for  estate planning.  These are links that would
be extremely difficult to obtain as an individual professional. This various links drop visitors right into the
same search box on our home page, and eventually to you. Here's how it works.
   Anyone  can  type  in  a  zip  code  and  pull  up  professionals  in  their  area.  Those  professionals  using  the
EstatePlanning.Com  web  site  service  will  automatically  get  preferential  treatment  in  the  search  engine.
They  will  always  appear  above  people  who  do  not  use  our  web  site  service,  and  they  get  a  PURPLE
BULLET to visibly set them apart as someone with educational content on their site. Visitors clicking the
PURPLE  BULLET  will  jump  directly  to  the  professional's  web  site.  Click  the  professional's  name  will
display detailed information on them, including another link and PURPLE BULLET to their web site.
But that isn't the only way we send you leads.
  1993 2004 by Schumacher Publishing, Inc.
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