Benefits of JSP
Although JSP technically can t do anything 
servlets can t do, JSP makes it easier to:
Write HTML
Read and maintain the HTML
JSP makes it possible to:
Use standard HTML tools such as HomeSite or
Have different members of your team do the HTML 
layout and the programming
JSP encourages you to
Separate the (Java) code that creates the content from the 
(HTML) code that presents it
Advantages of JSP Over 
Competing Technologies
Versus ASP or ColdFusion
Better language for dynamic part 
Portable to multiple servers and operating systems
Versus PHP
Better language for dynamic part
Better tool support
Versus WebMacro or Velocity
Versus pure servlets
More convenient to create HTML
Can use standard tools (e.g., HomeSite)
Divide and conquer
JSP developers still need to know servlet programming



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