Most Common Misunderstanding:
Forgetting JSP is Server Side Technology
Very common question
I can't do such and such with HTML. 
Will JSP let me do it?
Why doesn t this question make sense?
JSP runs entirely on server
It doesn't change content the browser can handle
Similar questions
How do I put an applet in a JSP page?
Answer: send an  tag to the client
How do I put an image in a JSP page?
Answer: send an  tag to the client
How do I use JavaScript/Acrobat/Shockwave/Etc?
Answer: send the appropriate HTML tags
2nd Most Common Misunderstanding:
Translation/Request Time Confusion
What happens at page translation time?
JSP constructs get translated into servlet code
What happens at request time?
Servlet code gets executed. No interpretation of JSP 
occurs at request time. The original JSP page is ignored at 
request time; only the servlet that resulted from it is used
When does page translation occur?
Typically, the first time JSP page is accessed after it is 
modified. This should never happen to real user 
(developers should test all JSP pages they install). 
Page translation does not occur for each request



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