This redbook is intended to assist Web server administrators utilize IBM
software offerings to build and manage a Web server using Linux as the base
operating system. It is assumed that the reader has basic Linux
administration skills, an understanding of general HTML syntax, and is
knowledgeable in Java programming.Therefore, this redbook is not aimed at
providing basic installation and configuration information on Linux or IBM
software on Linux.
The approach taken in this redbook is to create a Web server on Linux using
IBM software as a case study. The Web server that we build is a customized
IBM Redbook homepage, and we use the following:
  Linux, using the RedHat version 6.2 and Caldera eDesktop 2.4
  IBM HTTP server version 1.3.6
  IBM Database 2 version 6.1 with FixPack 3
  IBM WebSphere Application Server version 2.03
  Lotus Domino Server version 5.03
The topics that we discuss are:
  Creating dynamic Web pages using Java Server pages (JSP), servlets
and Java bean
  Providing dynamic user and user profile management using an interface to
  Integrating access to Lotus Domino database using the DIIOP/CORBA
  Operating the Web server
The team that wrote this redbook
This redbook was produced by a team of specialists from around the world
working at the International Technical Support Organization, Austin Center.
Budi Darmawan
is a system specialist at the International Technical Support
Organization, Austin Center. He writes extensively and teaches IBM and
Tivoli classes worldwide on all areas of database, programming, and system
management. Before joining the ITSO, he worked in IBM Indonesia as
solution architect for the services team. He has worked many years in
database and general system management in OS/390 and distributed
  Copyright IBM Corp. 2000



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