Chapter 1. Project introduction
In this chapter, we discuss background information on the overall project. The
discussion is put forward in the following sections:
  Section 1.1,  Linux and IBM  on page 1 shows IBM's commitment in Linux
as one of the supported operating systems.
  Section 1.2,  Pattern for e business  on page 2 shows the structured
approach on building e business within the enterprise using patterns as
the basic building blocks.
  Section 1.3,  Penguins on the Web  on page 4 provides the background
information on this redbook and the project.
  Section 1.4,  Document organization  on page 4 gives the overall
document structure of the redbook and an expanded Table of Contents.
1.1 Linux and IBM
As stated in the Linux at IBM Web site,
, IBM is
committed to supporting Linux as an option in the customer's operating
IBM is committed to supporting your choice of platform and operating
systems    a commitment we re extending to the support of Linux, the
open source operating system. To meet increased demand for this
dynamic operating system, we provide the most comprehensive hardware,
software and support solutions. Linux users can draw on IBM s extensive
experience, skills and resources to address their technical needs.
Customers needing Linux support today can call IBM Global Services for
all their Linux support needs, from consulting and enablement assistance
to Operational Support Services. Customers can call a 24 hour telephone
hot line or access a web based help center to receive Linux support.
There are several IBM products that are currently available in Linux. There
are also a lot of other IBM products that are currently in beta test for Linux.
The key IBM alliance for Linux distributions are:
  Caldera Systems
  Red Hat
  Turbo Linux
  Copyright IBM Corp. 2000



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