However, since availability of some of the products is limited, we only tested
scenarios in RedHat Version 6.2 and Caldera eDesktop Version 2.4.
1.2 Pattern for e business
The patterns for e business aim to provide a readily available design pattern
on building an e business system, including the system architecture and
guidelines. These patterns are cataloged in the following schemes:
  User to business
  User to online buying
  Business to business
  User to data
  User to user
  Application integration
For more information on these patterns for e business, see the IBM
developerWorks Web site at:
We have chosen to implement the most common subset of the patterns, the
user to online buying, which is a subset of the user to business pattern. The
application topology that we choose is a Web up approach, meaning that we
create the application from scratch in the Web server with no backend
integration. Figure 1 on page 3 shows the ideal run time topology for this
In Figure 1 on page 3, the e business system for an enterprise spans from the
demilitarized zone (DMZ) to the enterprise's internal network. The following
components comprises the e business solution for the user to online buying
  The protocol firewall filters unwanted and unnecessary incoming protocol
packages. It only allows incoming requests to certain machines and
certain ports.
  The request dispatch acts as the load balancing for multiple Web server
systems. It routes the requests to a certain Web server to facilitate a
balanced overall load, thus enhancing the overall throughput.
  The Commerce server node is the Web server with its application server,
which processes HTTP requests from the Internet.
  The domain firewall protects the internal network by only allowing certain
machines in the DMZ to send request packages to the internal network.
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