1.3 Penguins on the Web
This redbook is produced from a residency project at the ITSO in Austin,
Texas. The redbook is aimed at showing IBM's ability to provide an advanced
platform for generic Web hosting and e business using Linux as the operating
The approach that we have taken is to actually build an imaginary Web server
that provides some sample e business functionality on Linux with IBM
software. The Linux distributions that we use are the RedHat Linux Version
6.2 and Caldera eDesktop Version 2.4. The IBM software we utilize are:
  IBM WebSphere Application Server Version 2.03
  IBM HTTP server Version 1.3.6
  IBM Database 2 Version 6.1 FixPak 3
  Lotus Domino Version 5.03
The project is expanded further to provide some consideration on operating
the Linux Web server. The consideration spans from basic daily Linux
operation to product specific tasks that may need to be performed in
administering a Linux Web server.
The sample application that we choose to provide is a customized Web site
for the IBM Redbooks page. The Web application that we built consists of the
  Dynamic user and user profile management using IBM DB2
  Dynamic Web page using Servlet, Java Server Page (JSP), and Java
  Servlet and beans management using WebSphere Application server
  Access to the IBM Redbooks database in the Domino server
Putting all the above functions together shows a lot of the inter operability
issues that we experienced. There are several other redbooks that also
discuss software and integration with Linux, but, as it turns out, integrating all
software in building a working solution is another task in itself.
1.4 Document organization
This redbook is aimed at providing usage and administration information for
Web administrators using the Linux Web server with IBM products. We will
not cover the basic installation of products. It is assumed that the reader of
Linux Web Hosting with WebSphere, DB2, and Domino



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