the redbook has basic HTML skill, Java programming, and Linux
administration knowledge. This document has the following chapters:
  Chapter 1,  Project introduction  on page 1, provides some background
information on the overall project.
  Chapter 2,  Setup and configuration  on page 7 provides an overview of
the installation process and procedure that we performed on our system.
The installation process is mostly described briefly except for some
specific steps that are required to make the product work.
  Chapter 3,  Building the Web server  on page 53 discusses the steps that
we took on building our Web server. This chapter discusses the
programming structure that we used and the code that we built. The
coding techniques that we cover include:
  Access to DB2 using JDBC
  Access to Domino using IIOP
  Generic HTTP session access
  Java Server Page implementation
  Java beans programming
  Chapter 4,  Operational considerations  on page 107 shows some basic
operational tasks that may need to be performed to ensure the operation
of the Web server. The operation that is discussed here is the basic
starting and stopping of the facilities, routine maintenance that must be
performed and some monitoring and troubleshooting tips.
  Chapter 5,  Extending the case study  on page 139 discusses some things
that can be achieved but is not currently implemented in this project
because of time limitations or product limitations.
The appendices that we provide contains various source code and HTML files
that we used throughout the projects.
We also provide a CD ROM for all the source codes of the Java files, scripts,
HTML files, and JSP files that we used. Refer to Appendix F,  Using the
additional material  on page 211 for directions on using the CD ROM.
Chapter 1. Project introduction



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