Chapter 2. Setup and configuration
This chapter contains the basic setup and configuration tasks that we
performed in preparing for the implementation of the scenario. The items we
discuss here consists of:
  Section 2.1,  System configuration  on page 7 shows the system
configuration that we used in our environment.
  Section 2.2,  Installation overview  on page 8 provides an overview of the
overall setup and configuration tasks.
  Section 2.3,  Linux setup  on page 11 discusses the issues involved in
setting up the Linux systems, including the hardware requirement, disk
partitioning scheme, and actual consideration on RedHat and Caldera
  Section 2.4,  Application installation  on page 14 shows the installation
and configuration of the IBM software that is used in this project.
2.1 System configuration
Based on the pattern of e business user to online buying that we choose in
Section 1.2,  Pattern for e business  on page 2, we have a front end server
and a backend server. The system configuration that we used is shown in
Figure 2.
b d te s t1 .its c .a u s tin .ib m .c o m
R e d H a t V e rs io n 6 .2
IB M H T T P d s e rv e r
IB M W e b S p h e re A p p li c a tio n S e r v e r
b d te s t3 .its c .a u s tin .ib m .c o m
R e d H a t V e rs io n 6 .2
IB M D B 2 v e r s i o n 6 .2 F ix P a k 3
L o tu s D o m in o S e rv e r
b d te s t2 .its c .a u s tin .ib m .c o m
C a l d e ra e D e s k to p V e rs io n 2 .4
IB M H T T P d s e rv e r
IB M W e b S p h e r e A p p lic a ti o n S e rv e r
Figure 2. System configuration for the project
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