We have bdtest1 and bdtest2 as the front end Web server, the interface to the
world. All the application data resides in bdtest3 where the Domino and DB2
databases reside. We use both Caldera eDesktop Version 2.4 and RedHat
Version 6.2 for the front end server, and for the back end server, we only use
RedHat Version 6.2.
The machines that we used are IBM Netfinity 3000 servers. These Netfinity
3000 systems have the following specifications:
  Model: 8476 20U
  Flash EEPROM level: NTKT29AUS
  BIOS Date: 02/10/00
  Processor: Pentium II 350/100 Mhz
  Memory: 192MB
  SCSI: Adaptec AHA 2940 uWB Bios 1.32S8
  Disk: IBM 8 GB
  Video Adapter: S3 Trio3D 4 MB RAM
  Network: IBM PCI Token Ring Card
2.2 Installation overview
This section provides a series of global steps that were used to install the
systems. The steps that are presented in this section can serve as either the
overview or as a checklist to perform the installation. Detailed discussion of
each step is provided in the subsequent sections.
We present the steps for the backend server first, ensuring the databases are
available for access, then the steps for the front end servers, and then verify
that the front end servers can access the backend database.
2.2.1 Installation of backend server
The backend server installation steps are:
1. Prepare the hardware and ensure that it satisfies all the required
configuration for all the software that will be used.
2. Install our chosen Linux distribution.
  Add the userID admin as a normal user.
  Become familiarized with the preferred X Window environment: KDE or
Linux Web Hosting with WebSphere, DB2, and Domino



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