3. Install DB2.
  To install DB2, log in as the root user.
  For RedHat installation, install rpm package for pdksh so that the DB2
installation program can run.
  During installation, create the default DB2 instance and DB2
administration server instance.
  Verify the DB2 installation by logging in as user db2inst1, then creating
and accessing the sample database.
4. Install Domino Enterprise server from the console.
  To install Domino, log in as the root user.
  Stop the http, mail, and other services to prevent conflict with Domino.
  After installation, log in as the notes userid, run the
from Domino data directory, and use a Web browser to run the
administration configuration of Domino server.
  Run the
command from the Domino data directory and use a
Web browser to test the Domino server installation.
  Verify that HTTP, DIIOP, and Java components are running in Domino
  Use the Domino administrator client or Web administration to configure
Domino, such as CORBA access, HTTP port, and so on. Ensure that
the Domino server is configured with the correct
fully qualified Internet
host name
  Test the new configuration using a Web browser.
2.2.2 Installation of front end server
The front end server installation steps are:
1. Prepare the hardware and ensure that it satisfies all the required
configuration for all the software that will be used.
2. Install the chosen Linux distribution.
  Add the admin name as a normal user.
  Become familiarized with the preferred X Window environment: KDE or
3. To install Java, we used IBM JDK118.
  To install Java, log in as the root user.
  For Caldera installation, remove old Java versions.
Chapter 2. Setup and configuration



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