After installation, export the JAVA_HOME environment variable.
4. Install IBM HTTP Server 1.3.6
  To install the IBM HTTP Server, log in as the root user.
  Remove any other Web server installations, for example Apache, and
its associated dependencies.
  After installation, modify the run levels so that the IBM HTTP Server
will start on reboot. Reboot the server. The IBM HTTP server's httpd
daemon should now start normally.
  Use a Web browser to test the IBM HTTP server.
5. Install WebSphere 2.0.3
  To install WebSphere, log in as the root user.
  Ensure the JAVA_HOME environment variable is set.
  Install the core and Web server specific WebSphere rpm packages.
  For JSP to work, change ownership of the pagecompile directory to
user nobody.
  Modify and verify various IBM HTTP Server and WebSphere
Application server configuration files.
  Restart IBM HTTP Server. This should load and run WebSphere.
  Use a Web browser to test that WebSphere runs the snoop servlet, and
test that WebSphere administration in localhost for port 9527.
6. Configure access to the backend databases
  Install the DB2 Client Application Enabler (CAE) and create the default
DB2 instance with Java support.
  Verify connectivity to the sample database on the backend server.
  Patch the file and the ibmhttpd startup script to
access DB2.
  Restart WebSphere and the IBM HTTP server, and then test DB2
connectivity to the sample database.
  Copy the NCSO.jar file from the backend server.
  Patch the WebSphere file to allow access to the
Domino server.
  Restart WebSphere and the IBM HTTP Server, and then test Domino
Linux Web Hosting with WebSphere, DB2, and Domino



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