2.3 Linux setup
This section discusses the issues involved in setting up the Linux operating
systems on our Netfinity servers. This section is not intended to cover all
aspects of Linux installation, but merely highlight some actions that we have
performed to make the Linux system run. Refer to the bibliography for
reference to several books that have more information on setting up Linux on
Netfinity servers.
This section is divided into:
  Section 2.3.1,  Disk partitioning  on page 11, which discusses our disk
partitioning strategy
  Section 2.3.2,  RedHat installation  on page 12, which discusses the
RedHat Version 6.2 installation
  Section 2.3.3,  Caldera eDesktop installation  on page 13 which discusses
the Caldera eDesktop Version 2.4 installation
2.3.1 Disk partitioning
Our disk partitioning was based on the defaults for each Linux distribution.
For example, output from the
command for the RedHat installation is
shown in Figure 3.
1k blocks
Used Available Use% Mounted on
212000 13% /
19224 13% /boot
0% /home
3206412 12% /usr
3% /var
Figure 3. Output of the df command
Specific directories will be used as follows:
  /home will contain the DB2 instance directory.
  /usr will contain the DB2 rpm installation
  Java, IBM HTTP Server, and WebSphere are installed under /opt. For
simplicity, we make a symbolic link from /opt to /usr/opt rather than
re creating all the partitions by hand. Since the Domino installation uses a
shell script that allows us to specify a directory for installation, we also
choose to install Domino in /opt.
Chapter 2. Setup and configuration



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