#>>>Device type: token ring
#>>>Variable declarations:
#>>>End variable declarations
Figure 6. Content of the ifcfg tr0 file
e. Issue the
ifup tr0
command to bring this network interface up.
  Account Configuration
As previously mentioned in 2.2,  Installation overview  on page 8, we
created a userID called admin.
  X Configuration
X server is installed, by default, on Caldera e Desktop Version 2.4. The
process was painless, and it worked the first time using a P50 monitor
attached to an S3 TRIO 3D, 4 Mb card with a resolution of 1024x768 at
Once installation was complete, the CD was removed from the CD ROM
drive, and the server was rebooted.
We can now proceed to the application installation phase
2.4 Application installation
The application installations are documented in the following order:
  Section 2.4.1,  DB2  on page 15 shows how to install DB2 Version 6.1 at
fixpack level 3 in our backend server
  Section 2.4.2,  Domino Enterprise server  on page 19 shows how to install
the Domino Version 5.03 in our backend server.
  Section 2.4.3,  IBM JDK 118  on page 32 shows how to install IBM Java
Development Kit Version 1.1.8.
Linux Web Hosting with WebSphere, DB2, and Domino



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