Section 2.4.4,  IBM HTTP Server  on page 33 shows how to install IBM
HTTP Server Version 1.3.6 in our front end server.
  Section 2.4.5,  WebSphere  on page 39 shows how to install IBM
WebSphere Application Server Version 2.03 in our front end server.
  Section 2.4.6,  Configuring front end access to backend databases  on
page 44 concludes the installation by providing the connectivity from the
front end system to the backend databases
2.4.1 DB2
Before installing DB2 on a Linux based workstation, we must ensure that our
distribution of Linux has a kernel of 2.035 or higher. We also need to have the
following packages installed:
  RPM (Red Hat package manager)
  pdksh package (public domain Korn shell)
  glibc Version 2.07 or higher
  libstdc++ Version 2.8.0
For RedHat Version 6.2 and Caldera eDesktop Version 2.4, all these
requirements were met except for the existence of the pdksh package. Installing pdksh
The pdksh shell is used by the DB2 installer and setup scripts. It is not
normally installed as part of a server installation of Linux. Hence, we had to
install it using the
command. Figure 7 shows the command we used to
install the pdksh package from the CD ROM.
[root@bdtest3 /root]# rpm  i /mnt/cdrom/RedHat/RPMS/pdksh 5.2.14 2.i3
Figure 7. Installing the pdksh package Installing DB2
There are known installation problems with DB2 6.1 at fixpack level 1.
Therefore, we chose to install DB2 v6.1 with fixpack 3 downloaded from IBM.
The steps for installation are as follows:
1. Log in as root.
2. Change the working directory to the directory where the DB2 Version 6.1
fixpack 3 code is stored.
Chapter 2. Setup and configuration



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