2.4.2 Domino Enterprise server
In our project, we installed the Domino server on the backend server, bdtest3.
Before beginning the installation of the Domino server, you ensure the
  Verify library structure and availability
Ensure that the kernel version is 2.2.5 or higher, and that glibc 2.1.1 or
greater and libstdc++ 2.9.1 or greater was installed on the machine. More
importantly, the distribution must follow the libstdc++ libc6 naming
  Stop any unnecessary services on the Linux box.
We have to make sure that services, such as http server or sendmail that
may have started automatically, are stopped.
  Check terminal size
Ensure that you have a terminal size of 80 columns by 24 rows, as this is
required by the Domino installation program. You can check your terminal
size by issuing the
echo $LINES
commands from the
Linux prompt where you will perform the installation. Installing Domino
Use the following steps to start installing Domino on your machine:
1. Log in as user root.
2. Create the userID for running Domino. We used userID called notes with
group notes.
3. Change to the directory of the Domino installation package, have Domino
in the /home/src/domino503src directory.
4. Type
from the command prompt. The Domino installation screen
Domino installation key usage
In the installation process we have to use the Tab key to continue, the
Esc key to return to the previous screen, and the Spacebar key to make
a choice of options.
5. Read pass the license agreement and select
to accept the license
6. Select the
Domino Enterprise Server
as the installation package that you
want to install using Spacebar key.
Chapter 2. Setup and configuration



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