7. Specify the installation target directory. We put the Domino server in the
/opt/lotus directory.
8. If you want to install more than one Domino server in your machine, you
can choose the option
in this screen to let Domino create this
additional servers. In our project, we choose
because we just want to
install one Domino server in our machine.
9. Specify the Domino data files directory. We installed the Domino data files
in /local/notesdata directory.
10.Specify the userid and group that will own Domino data files and run the
Domino server as notes as described in step 2 on page 19.
11.After that process, Domino displays the screen shown in Figure 11.
12.Press the
key and the Installation script will perform the installation
Domino Server Installation
Installation settings:
Installation type
: Domino Enterprise Server
Program directory
: /opt/lotus
Data directory
: /local/notesdata
UNIX user
UNIX group
Press the Escape key to re configure the settings
Press the Tab key to perform the installation...
Figure 11. Domino installation screen
13.When the installation finishes successfully, the install program reminds
you to log in as the userID notes to run the program rather than running
Domino as root. Running the httpsetup program
The initial configuration of Domino server is performed using a Web browser
interface. The following steps discuss the process:
1. Log in with the notes userID.
2. Change the directory to the Domino data directory.
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