[notes@bdtest3 notesdata]$ /opt/lotus/bin/server
Lotus Domino (r) Server, Release 5.0.3 , March 21, 2000
Copyright (c) 1985 2000, Lotus Development Corporation, All Rights Reserved
05/09/2000 03:59:45 PM Router: Unable to obtain Internet host and domain names
05/09/2000 03:59:45 PM Mail Router started for domain ITSC
05/09/2000 03:59:45 PM Router: Internet SMTP host bdtest3 in domain
05/09/2000 03:59:50 PM Database Replicator started
05/09/2000 03:59:55 PM Index update process started
05/09/2000 04:00:00 PM Agent Manager started
05/09/2000 04:00:01 PM JVM: Java Virtual Machine initialized.
05/09/2000 04:00:01 PM AMgr: Executive  1  started
05/09/2000 04:00:05 PM bdtest3/Itsc/US is the Administration Server of the
Domino Directory.
05/09/2000 04:00:05 PM Administration Process started
05/09/2000 04:00:10 PM JVM: Java Virtual Machine initialized.
05/09/2000 04:00:10 PM HTTP Web Server started
05/09/2000 04:00:15 PM DIIOP Server started on bdtest3
05/09/2000 04:00:15 PM DIIOP port 63148 may not be available on this system,
will use port 60148 instead
05/09/2000 04:00:20 PM Maps Extractor started
05/09/2000 04:00:25 PM Database Server started
> 05/09/2000 04:00:25 PM Maps Extractor: Building Maps profile
05/09/2000 04:00:25 PM Maps Extractor: Maps profile built OK
Figure 16. Domino startup command
10.We can test our configuration by pointing the Web browser to our Domino
If the Domino server is working properly, the window similar to Figure 17
on page 25 will appear in our Web browser.
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