2. Enter the administrator user ID of Domino Linux3 and its password that is
provided in the Administration setting window shown in Figure 15 on page
3. Click to the
People view
and open the
document for the
administrator created earlier and download the USER.ID file to the
administration machine.
Netscape users
If you are using a Netscape browser, you may have to rename the ID file to
To access the Domino server with our Domino Administrator or Designer
client, follow these steps:
1. Open Notes Client and switch to the USER.ID file we downloaded earlier.
2. Click on the
3. For Designer, choose
, enter the server name or
IP address of the new server, and click
. After a few seconds, the
Notes client displays the databases available for the new server.
For Administrator, choose
Open Server
and specify the server
name or IP address of the new server and click
. Domino server Java and CORBA requirements
Before we can use a Java program to access Domino data with CORBA, we
must set up and configure our Domino server to support the Java and
CORBA environments.
In Domino R5, the installation scripts should configure the server to run HTTP
and DIIOP tasks by default, but we must ensure that we have the following
line in notes.ini file:
ServerTask=, HTTP, DIIOP
Also, make sure that the lines shown in Figure 18 on page 26 appear on the
server console when starting up the Domino server.
05/03/2000 01:50:40 PM
JVM: Java Virtual Machine initialized.
05/03/2000 01:50:41 PM
HTTP Web Server started
05/03/2000 01:50:45 PM
DIIOP Server started on bdtest1.itsc.austin.ibm.com
Figure 18. Verifying Java, HTTP, and DIIOP tasks in the Domino server console
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