Removing /etc/httpd on Caldera
On Caldera installations, the /etc/httpd directory is not used. Hence
there is no requirement to remove this directory (as it does not exist).
Figure 25 shows the results of issuing these commands on our front end
server with a RedHat installation.
[root@bdtest2 /opt]# rpm  e mod_perl
[root@bdtest2 /opt]# rpm  e php
[root@bdtest2 /opt]# rpm  e apache
cannot remove /var/log/httpd   directory not empty
cannot remove /home/httpd/html   directory not empty
cannot remove /home/httpd   directory not empty
cannot remove /etc/httpd/conf   directory not empty
[root@bdtest2 /opt]# rm  rf /var/log/httpd
[root@bdtest2 /opt]# rm  rf /home/httpd
[root@bdtest2 /opt]# rm  rf /etc/httpd
Figure 25. Uninstalling Apache Web server
We can now proceed with installing the IBM HTTP Server. IBM HTTP Server installation
The installation steps are as follows:
1. Install the IBM HTTP Server rpm package. In our instance the file is called
IBM_HTTP_SERVER See Figure 26 for the results of
rpm  i
[root@bdtest2 /opt]# rpm  i /mnt/cdrom/ibmhttp/2.1/IBM_HTTP_Server 1.3
.6 1.i386.rpm
httpd: cannot determine local host name.
Use the ServerName directive to set it manually.
/opt/IBMHTTPServer/bin/apachectl start: httpd could not be started
execution of script failed
Figure 26. rpm installation of IBM HTTP Server
2. Set ServerName directive
In the /opt/IBMHTTPServer/conf directory, we had to edit the httpd.conf,
adding the ServerName directive with our hostname. Figure 27 on page 36
Chapter 2. Setup and configuration



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