WebSphere dependencies
The rpm package of WebSphere for IBM HTTP Server has a dependency
on IBM HTTP Server 1.3.6; so, ensure that IBM HTTP Server 1.3.6 has
already been installed.
Figure 31 shows our installation of the WebSphere application server
following the installations steps documented before.
[root@bdtest2 /opt]# export JAVA_HOME=/opt/jdk118
[root@bdtest2 /opt]# rpm  i /mnt/cdrom/was/IBMWebAS core 2.03 1.i386.rp
A copy of the configuration file was made and is located at /opt/IBMWebA
[root@bdtest2 /opt]# rpm  i /mnt/cdrom/was/IBMWebAS ibm http 2.03 1.i38
A backup of your httpd.conf file has been made and is being saved at
Figure 31. Installing WebSphere application server
4. Finally, to ensure that JSP pages can be compiled, we change the
ownership of the pagecompile directory, located in subdirectory
/opt/IBMWebAS/servlets, to have an owner and group owner of nobody.
We use the
command in the following form:
chown nobody.nobody /opt/IBMWebAS/servlets/pagecompile Verifying WebSphere installation
We verify that WebSphere has been installed successfully by:
  Visually verifying the IBM HTTP Server configuration files.
  Visually verifying the WebSphere properties file.
  Using a Web browser to verify WebSphere is operational.
Verifying the IBM HTTP Server configuration files
The IBM HTTP Web server has a configuration called httpd.conf, located in
/opt/IBMHTTPServer/conf. Visually inspect this file and check for the
There should be a LoadModule definition for the app_server_module to
load WebSphere in the list of dynamic shared object support modules
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