Alias /IBMWebAS/samples/ /opt/IBMWebAS/samples/
Alias /IBMWebAS/ /opt/IBMWebAS/web/
NcfAppServerConfig BootFile /opt/IBMWebAS/properties/bootstrap.propert
NcfAppServerConfig LogFile /opt/IBMWebAS/logs/apache.log
NcfAppServerConfig LogLevel TRACE|INFORM|ERROR
Figure 34. WebSphere entries in httpd.conf
Verifying the WebSphere configuration file
WebSphere uses the file, located in
/opt/IBMWebAS/properties, for configuration. Visually verify that it has sent
up the Java configuration correctly.
In our installation, we noticed that there is an invalid entry for the Java.libpath.
The Java.libpath is referring to /opt/jdk118/lib/i586/green_threads, while it
should be /opt/jdk118/lib/linux/native_thread. The correct statement is shown
in bold in Figure 35.
# The classpath for the JVM. This classpath is appended to the front
# of the WebSphere Runtime classpath. This classpath should contain
# the JVM Classes and any user classes. The WebSphere classpath is
# built dynamically from the contents of the \lib
# directory
# The location of the JVM libraries.
Figure 35. Corrected Java configuration in WebSphere
Using a Web browser to verify WebSphere is operational
To start WebSphere application server for the first time, we need to restart the
IBM HTTP Server. Just in case, stop all Java processes with the
killall Java
command, and then restart the IBM HTTP server with the commands shown
in Figure 36 on page 43.
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