Chapter 3. Building the Web server
In this chapter, we explore, ,in detail, the steps that we took in building our
Web server. The discussion is divided into:
  Section 3.1,  External functionality  on page 53 describes the external
structure of the created Web site.
  Section 3.2,  Internal design  on page 60 shows the components and
building blocks that we used to build the Web site.
  Section 3.3,  DB2 database  on page 61 discusses the design and
creation of our DB2 database structure.
  Section 3.4,  Domino database  on page 69 provides an overview of
Domino database and our Redbooks database setup.
  Section 3.5,  Servlet programs  on page 78 gives a detailed discussion on
the making of the servlets that we use.
  Section 3.6,  JSP files  on page 98 discusses the implementation of
dynamic Web pages using JSP.
  Section 3.7,  Accessing data through a Java bean  on page 103 provides
an overview of Web programming using a simple Java Bean.
3.1 External functionality
In this section we discuss the external functionality of our Web server. We
walk you through our Web server as a typical user. There are two types of
users for the Web site, the non registered user and the registered user.
The Web site has the facility to:
  Browse and search the Redbooks database
  Profile management, register, and update the user
  Book ordering function
We provide a series of ScreenCam videos in Windows media format that
illustrate the Web site's flow. These ScreenCam videos are available in the
accompanied CD ROM. Refer to Appendix F,  Using the additional material 
on page 211 for more information on the CD ROM.
Figure 47 on page 54 illustrates the flow for a non registered user.
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